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Websites are common place in this day and age. Having your own website does not mean much anymore if it just blends into the background.

Super websites If you are searching for a website with a difference then you need look no further than Physio123. Not only will we design a professional and quality website for you but we also know how to market it successfully with search engines.

A Unique and Professional Design

When designing and building your site, you must be clear about the purpose of your site. Why do you need a website? Physiotherapy practices usually have websites to draw clients and have them book appointments with that specific practice. We can help you do this by:
  • Designing a website that will advertise professionalism and this will allow clients peace of mind when booking their next appointment with you.
  • We assist you in improving the image that you already have so that you can get better results when it comes to bookings.
  • Designing a website that is user friendly so that clients can easily find everything that they are looking for on your site.
We strive for individuality with every website design and this means that your site will not look like every other physiotherapy website on the net. By navigating to our portfolio you can see examples of our previous work.

Marketing on Search Engines

As soon as your website is up and running, you need to begin making it visible to potential customers on the internet. If your website is lost in the millions of other sites on the net, you won’t attract customers to it. We help you to make your website visible on search engine searches by using the relevant search terms that apply to your practice. If your physiotherapy practice was based in Pretoria then you would want your website to pop up whenever clients searched “Physiotherapy Pretoria” “Physiotherapy in Pretoria” or “Pretoria Physiotherapy” etc.

Physio123 is assisting clients by helping them achieve high rankings and appear higher in search engines by conducting search engine marketing. This is accomplished by:
  • Conducting SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This practice allows your website to rank higher with search engines and search results on the net.
  • Using Google Adwords. This pay per click marketing campaign allows you to rank high in search engine results almost immediately. By choosing physiotherapy keywords with care, we are able to assist you in getting immediate results and, therefore, more clients.
  • Creating engine coding on your website. This makes your website easy to understand and search engines will rank your site higher when relevant keywords are typed in during searches.

Proven Results

Our SEO portfolio will show you exactly what we can do when it comes to high rankings with search engines. If you don’t believe what we are capable of then you can have a look at the proof.


Physio123 can be found all over the world and we are assisting physiotherapists everywhere to improve their websites and, ultimately, their practices. If you want more information on any of these services or prices, please feel free to contact us. Quotes can be obtained in your own currency.

To find out how we can help you please contact us now.

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