Spend Small, Earn Big

Physio123 understand the internet and our aim is to help you attract more clients to your practice.

Our success is measured by that of our clients. There are no contracts involved when it comes to signing up for our services and we aim at getting new clients to your practice in order to keep you as a happy client. Our clients are more than happy to continue using our services as the fees they pay us are greatly outweighed by the amount of new business our efforts pull in.

We understand that a website that is properly designed and marketed on the net will bring in a much higher return on investment, or R.O.I, when compared to other forms of media.

How do you achieve such high ROI rates?

Designing Effect Websites - That turn Visitors into Clients.

Design is an important part of marketing a website. It won’t make a difference if your website is on the top of a search engine’s rankings- your website must reflect the nature of your business and what it is about. We achieve great R.O.I rates because we know how to portray your website to your clients in a simple and effective manner.

Physio123 has been designing websites for around 8 years now and we are constantly changing with the times. Our websites are aimed at turning visitors into clients.

Driving customers to your Website Online Marketing

Over the years, we have become experienced at assisting potential patients in finding our clients through their website. After we have designed and built you an amazing site we will then get to work on online marketing campaigns that will draw visitors and turn them into clients.

Physio123 have developed an effective, online marketing campaign that combines Search Engine Optimization campaigns, or SEO, with Pay per Click Advertising and this has proven to turn sites into high-ranking, popular sites that grow businesses.

We understand your market - You're in Good Hands

Improving your R.O.I should be your main aim as it will assist you in achieving a higher percentage of the market. At Physio123, we aim at helping you achieve this by continuously testing, measuring and improving your website. Our aim is to draw the relevant visitors to your website and turning them into clients.

Website Marketing is something that should never stop- it is something that needs to continue in order to obtain and maintain results.

Achieving a high R.O.I means that your online marketing should continue and become part of the costs of running your practice. Physio123 understands this need and this is why we continue to provide you with SEO and PPC packages that meet with these needs.

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