Are you considering opening a private practice?

Over the past few years, more and more physiotherapists have chosen to open their own private practice.

Is this suited to you?

Do you have what it takes to make it on your own? You might be good at physiotherapy but it will take basic business skills and specific personal characteristics in order to make your private practice work.

What will you need?

Commitment is essential if you want to open your own business. You will need to be willing to work hard every single say and this means late nights and working on the weekends.

You will need to motivate yourself on a regular basis. There won’t be someone telling you what to do or when to do it and this means that it all needs to stem from you.

How can Physio123 help you?

The best way to start a private practice and turn it into a success is to ensure that potential clients know your practice exists!

Physio123 can assist you by effectively marketing your practice and informing potential patients of your existence from the first day. Physio123 will assist you in promoting your practice and helping you to grow your client base. By making use of Physio123, you can grow your business and ensure its success.

We are also offering you a free 6 month trial so that you can make use of our services before you purchase one of our packages.

What should I consider?

The location of your practice is very important. You will need to find out whether there are too many or too few physiotherapists in your area and whether or not your business will generate enough patients in order to be successful.

Where are my patients going to come from?

Patients will be coming from 4 different sources:
  1. Referrals from GP's
  2. Patients referring themselves
  3. Referrals from health insurance companies
  4. Referrals from others

Would you like to get started?

Before you begin with the process of opening your own practice, you will need to make a few decisions concerning your options:
  • Will you buy a practice that is already established? This is a good option if you want to start up with a bigger caseload. It will, however, cost you a lot more than building it from scratch.
  • Will you set up a practice from scratch? If so, where will your premises be located? Will you work from home? Will you rent a room? Starting a practice from scratch takes a lot of work but the benefits make it more than worthwhile.
  • Will you start up your private practice slowly, while still working full time? This is a great way to start up your practice if you don’t want to take the risk of leaving your full time position.

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