Accessible Websites

Physio123 are specialists in designing websites that are accessible. Each website designed by Physio123 meets with the highest accessibility standards.

What is Web Accessibility?

There are many internet users who struggle to use the internet and navigate websites due to a certain disability. Physio123 designs websites with these disabilities in mind so that these individuals are able to access these websites.

What type of disabilities are these?

Disabilities that would affect the ease with which an individual accesses a site includes:
  • Visual impairments, such as blindness, colour-blindness or poor vision.
  • Hearing impairments
  • Learning or cognitive disabilities.,
  • Reduced motor functioning, i.e. loss of or impaired movement due to a stroke.

Why design accessible websites?

Why do you need an accessible site? Is it more costly and will it really provide you with more benefits?

The reasons you need an accessible site include:
  • These sites generate more money.
  • It could be the law
  • It isn’t more costly to design this type of site.
  • Your website will rank higher with search engines
  • Your website’s usability will be improved.
  • It is the right choice.

It will generate more money for your business!

Accessibility aims at widening your potential client base by including the widest range of potential customers as possible.

It could be the law

There are certain countries that require websites be accessible to all internet users. In many countries, it is against the law to discriminate against disabled internet users.

Your website will rank higher with Google

Google is blind but it is also your most important visitor. Google will send out spiders (of the search engine variety) that will attempt to read through your site. The more accessible your website is, the better these spiders will be able to read through therefore making your site rank higher.

It is the right choice

You should take the abilities of disabled individuals into account before you build your website. Making your website as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible, will make it easier for them to obtain the information they need.

How can Physio123 help you?

Physio123 will be able to improve your current website, or build you a new one, in order to make it as accessible as possible. We provide:
  • accessibility consultancy services
  • accessibility testing
  • Modifications on existing sites to meet with disability legislation in your country
  • Re-design services to make existing websites more accessible.
Web accessibility aims at making your website as accessible as possible to all internet users, whether they are disabled or not. Not only will this assist you in complying with legislation but it will also assist your website in reaping large benefits.

For more information on how we can help your practice please contact us.

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