Website hosting is about more than simply keeping your website online. We go further by providing you with service that unrivalled by other physiotherapy web development companies.

Hosting Reliable hosts are hard to find. Research has shown us that your site will not appear as often in regional based searches if your host is not located in that same location. South African physiotherapists who are trying to drive clients to their practice need to make use of the right hosting company. Physio123 ensures that your host is based in South Africa and this makes it easy for your site to be ranked accordingly.

Guaranteed cover

Physio123 ensures that you have enough space for all of your website’s requirements by providing you with a large amount of hosting.

Since you website is going to be the face of your practice on the internet, you need to ensure that it is live all the time. Physio123 will ensure that your site is up 24/7 using our state-of-the-art technology, which includes T-3 fibre-optic connectivity, switches, multiplexers, routers, multi-processor web servers and firewall equipment. Every site is mirrored on four individual servers and we have a redundant power management system in place for electrical failures. All these services are provided to ensure that your website and email services are secure and running throughout the year.

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