Successful Adwords

Physio123 aims at providing you with the best possible options for effective online marketing and promotions. Adwords give us the opportunity to provide you with INSTANT RESULTS.

Adwords screenshot Adwords is both geographically and industry targeted and we specialise in executing effective and successful physiotherapy-based campaigns. Adwords will only show up when specific words or phrases are typed into the search engine and this means that Physio123 can assist you in getting instant results.

Our adwords campaigns are aimed at finding patients that are searching for physiotherapists in your area and this means that they will be able to find you from your website.

This concept might be simple but, in order for us to create a campaign that is both effective, we need to put in a lot of effort. Thorough research takes a lot of time to complete and an understanding of what search engines are looking for is imperative. Managing the campaign from day to day is also a very complex task.

Phsyio123 will begin by using an extensive amount of research to compile a campaign from the beginning. This will generate business for you by allowing clients to access your website and driving clients to your practice from this website.

Physio123 specialises in advertising online. Not only do we establish effective campaigns but we also manage them for you. This gives you the chance to concentrate on treating all of your new patients while we take care of the rest.

As soon as we have launched the online marketing campaign, we will analyse the campaigns to effectively maximise the results.

Physio123 understands how important online advertising is and, because of this, we have included a Google Adwords campaign in every one of our packages. The amount of Adwords you get will be determined by the package you have chosen:

  • PhysioOne - R130 Adword Budget per month
  • PhysioTwo - R200 Adword Budget per month
  • PhysioThree - R400 Adword Budget per month

If you want to increase the amount of referrals you receive from your site, you can simply increase your Adwords budget.

If you haven’t purchased a website package from us but you want Physio123 to set up and manage your own Adwords campaign, take a look at the Adwords package that we offer.

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