Search Engine Optimisation

Rank high with search engine results

Physio123 makes use of search engine marketing to ensure that your website is more visible on the net. This means that you will get more patients.

Prospective clients are always searching for physiotherapists within your area and we will ensure that they find you!

Around 85% of physiotherapy website visitors will locate a practice by searching the internet. Physio123 uses effective SEO techniques that will ensure your website ranks high with these search engines.

SEO assists in generating traffic to your website, as well as increasing the quality of the traffic (clients searching for physiotherapists within your area). SEO will benefit your practice by:
  • Increasing the amount of traffic you get to your website.
  • Increasing the level of quality of the traffic (i.e. patients that are searching for physiotherapy practices within your area).
  • Increasing the amount of exposure your practice gets.
  • Enhancing the recognition of your practice.
  • Increasing the amount of referrals and business.
Physio123 understands how important SEO is to physiotherapists and this is why we have included this service in every one of our packages. The amount of SEO you receive will depend on the package you choose. If you are already running a website and you want Physio123 to increase your rankings in search engines, have a look at the SEO Packages that we offer.

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